Vacation planning

Avoid getting vacation requests verbally or via e-mail. Achieve that staff gets a total view of the vacation plan. Which collegues have booked vacation and which vacation is approved.

​Achieve improved dialogue between managers and employees regarding the vacation plan in their department.

​Avoid administrative hassel and a need for central administrative follow-up. BitaBIZ offers the confidence that all vacation days are registered and on time. Out of Office status is automatically shared with the whole company.

Sick leave

Most employees report a sick day via SMS (+33%) to a collegue or the manager. The rest via e-mail or a phone call. It can be a hassel just to get sick leave registered and cummunicated in the organisation.

It is difficult to formulate a sick leave policy, if employees and managers don’t know, how many sick days they have per year.​​

With BitaBIZ your company maintain focus, transparency and improve communication, while at the same time improving the administrative productivity.

Absence status in Outlook, Google, iCal

It offers great value to have a central calendar for company planning.

BitaBIZ transfer leave and absence status to your calendar system. Your employees will not need to surf between several calendar apps.

Your employees easily add an BitaBIZ absence calendar to their Outlook, Google, iCal, etc. This calender will show absence status of colleagues.

Integrate your leave & absence planning with Office 365

If you add MS Exchange integration to your BitaBIZ account – your employees personal Outlook calendar and Skype for business client will show absence (out of office) status.

Global leave & absence solution

With BitaBIZ  your company gets a global leave & absence assistant who follows local regulations.

A local company is created with both local vacation rules, local holidays, local leave types and local payroll system.