BitaBIZ is built for and appreciated by employees, managers, HR staff and payroll staff.
Among other things, because BitaBIZ:

  • makes it easy to share leave and absence status from app and web-portal.
  • shares Out of Ofice status with both colleagues and the manager.
  • directly updates the payroll system.    
  • automatically follows up towards employees and managers before payroll.
  • has a planning calendar, which improves “smart” vacation planning.

BitaBIZ supports these roles in your company:

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    Employees request, register and share in just one click from app or web.

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    Requests are handled from app or vacation planning calendar.

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    Out of Office status is shared with colleagues via your calendar app (Outlook, Google) our BitaBIZ planning calendar.

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    Online leave and absence statistics.

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    Our payroll administration (internal or external) easily updates your payroll system.

Administration, planning and communication made easy and effective